The Road East waltz

By Fred Morrison

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Road East
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
EA2- A3|Bc B4|AG E4-|E6|
Be2- e3|fg f4|ed B4-|B6|
B g4 a|{b}ag f4|e2f B3-|B6|
BA G4|AB F4|D2 E4-|E6||
B g4 a|{b}ag f4|e2f B3-|B6|
B b4 a|g4- g2|ga f4-|f6|
gf e4|fg f4|e2f B3-|B6|
BA G4|AB F4|E2 E4-|E6||

Five comments

The Road East

This is a composition of Scottish piper Fred Morrison. He wrote it after "a very poignant journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh."

I learned it from his mighty low whistle playing on "The Sound of the Sun" album more than half a year ago, but it took me ages to convert the great playing into dots. It sounds gorgeous on the flute, and probably on the fiddle as well. Unfortunately, I’m not good enough to play it in the real session, though.


I actually tried playing this great slow air in a session in Edinburgh just a few weeks ago. I was just comfortably drunk with some glasses of whisky and felt like playing it. I think my playing was not so bad. But surprisingly enough, some local musicians gave me a Gaelic name for the tune, insisting it’s a traditional song air. I believe they confused another tune with this fine composition by Fred Morrison. But does anybody know any traditional slow air similar to this one?

Low-d whistle

This song is absolutely stunning on the low-d whistle when played with some rather highland pipes-like gracenoting. This is now my favorite slow song for the low whistle. Woot. Thanks!

The Road East

The Road East is the most lovely of tunes I’ve encountered. I thought it fit to commemorate it! I threw together a crappy, 1-time-through playing on my $3 computer mic, just to give people an idea of it. It is NOT my best playing by far, but yeah. It totals ~400k in mp3 form (low quality) and if you’re a fan of slow songs but have never heard it, you should hear it on the low-d whistle. I’d be glad to email it to any takers.

Re: The Road East

I’d like to hear it for sure 😉