One recording of
Mother’s Delight
The Donegal Traveller

Mother’s Delight (reel) is also known as Lúċáir Ar Máṫair, Mothers Delight, Sean Frank’s.

The Donegal Traveller (reel) is also known as Belles Of Campbeltown, Blind Nora, Blind Nora O’Neil, Blind Nora O’Neill, Blind Norrie, Blind Norry, Blind Norry’s, The Donegal Traveler, Frank Cassidy’s, Gillespie’s, Hughie Gillespy’s, The Tuam.

The Blue Idol by Altan

  1. Mother’s Delight
  2. The Donegal Traveller
  3. Ormond Sound
  4. The Well-Bred Foal