Two recordings of
Mother’s Delight
Bó Mhín Na Toitean

Mother’s Delight (reel) is also known as Lúċáir Ar Máṫair, The Mother’s Delight, Mothers Delight, Sean Frank’s.

Bó Mhín Na Toitean (march) is also known as Bó Mhín Na Toitean Highland Fling, Doherty’s, Highland Lassie Going To The Fair, The Highland Lassie Going To The Fair, John Doherty’s, Johnny Doherty’s, March Of The Meeatoiteen Bull, March Of The Meena Toiten Bull.

Bohola by Bohola

  1. Doherty’s March
  2. Mother’s Delight
  3. The Mountain Road
  4. McFadden’s Handsome Daughter

Bohola (3) by Bohola

  1. Johnny Doherty’s March
  2. Moving-On Song
  3. Peacock’s Feather
  4. Mother’s Delight
  5. Lady Ann Montgomery
  6. Rolling In The Ryegrass