Two recordings of
The Flowing Tide
Jacky Tar

The Flowing Tide (hornpipe) is also known as Anne Sheehy’s, Birmingham, The Birmingham, Bunch Of Ferns, Burke’s Hornpipe., Higgins Best, Seventh Regiment, The Picnic Reel, The Seventh Regiment, The Shyan.

Jacky Tar (hornpipe) is also known as An Spealadóir, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Eamonn McGivney’s, Jack A Tar, Jackie Tar, McGibbney’s Fancy, McGivney’s Fancy, Nead Na Cuaiche, Nyth Y Gog, Paul’s.

Caught In The Surf by Sheamus Heneghan And Family

  1. The Flowing Tide
  2. McGivney’s

Jody's Heaven by Jody's Heaven

  1. Jackie Tar
  2. Flowing Tide
  3. O’Reilly From County Cavan
  4. Farewell