Two recordings of
The Flowing Tide
Annie’s Favourite

The Flowing Tide (hornpipe) is also known as Anne Sheehy’s, Birmingham, The Birmingham, Bunch Of Ferns, Burke’s Hornpipe., Higgins Best, Seventh Regiment, The Picnic Reel, The Seventh Regiment, The Shyan.

Annie’s Favourite (hornpipe) is also known as Annie’s Favorite, The Broadway, The Butchers Of Bristol, Byrne’s, Dinny O’Brien’s, The Flowers In May, The Gift, Greenwich Park, The Greenwich Park, Jim Dillon’s, The Mountain Groves, The Mullingar Races, Phil Durkan’s, Phil Durkan’s Favorite, Phil Durkan’s Favourite, Phil Durkin’s, Phil Durkin’s Favorite, Phil Durkin’s Favourite, The Rover Through The Bog, Shaskeen, Taylor’s.

The Box I Left Behind Me by Sean Quinn

  1. The Flowing Tide
  2. The Broadway

Traditional Irish music by Mick Foster

  1. Burke’s
  2. Mullingar Races