Four recordings of
The Flowing Tide
The Plains Of Boyle

The Flowing Tide (hornpipe) is also known as Anne Sheehy’s, Birmingham, The Birmingham, Bunch Of Ferns, Burke’s Hornpipe., Higgins Best, Seventh Regiment, The Picnic Reel, The Seventh Regiment, The Shyan.

The Plains Of Boyle (hornpipe) is also known as Má Luirg, Pretty Maggie Morrisey, Roscommon Airport, The Wexford.

Brendan Bulger by Brendan Bulger

  1. Queen Of The West
  2. The Flowing Tide
  3. Plains Of Boyle

Give It A Lift by Rise The Dust

  1. Fairies
  2. Plains Of Boyle
  3. Flowing Tide

Raise The Rafters by Molly's Revenge

  1. The Flowing Tide
  2. Gan Ainm
  3. The Plains Of Boyle

Rock And More Roses by Pat Kilbride

  1. The Flowing Tide
  2. The Plains Of Boyle