Pamela’s Ruchenitsa barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pamela's Ruchenitsa
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:AGEG AEc|AEcE A2A|BAGA Bcd|egfe e2e|
dcde c2A|cBcd B2G|A2Ac BAG|1 AGEG A2A:|2 AGEG A3||

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Pamela’s Ruchenitsa

I had a lot of trouble transcribing the rythym of this tune.
Despite living in a reasonably out of the way place, by luck Andy Irvine was performing at a small local venue called the Cockatoo Cafe. I had a chat with him after the performance. He contacted Rens who plays fiddle on the track on his CD Rain on the Roof. Rens kindly wrote down the dots and Andy emailed them to me. I was surprised at how simple the rythym was! The syncopation must have thrown me off track. Mild humiliation. I thought I had Balkan transcription all sorted out after Smeceno Horo.

Apparently Rens had his fiddle tuned down three tones for the recording, so this version is for his finguring. I made a swap for the tune and sent a ripper called Kolev’s Kopanistsa. I live in hope the tune will spread more widely. I’ll post that separately.

Pamela’s Ruchenitsa was written by a friend of Andy’s, by name of Steve Finney. If I was Pamela I’d be well chuffed. Its a great tune to play. Quite different feel to the other Balkan tunes I play.

For those interested in the full set on the CD, the other two tunes are on this site as Gruncharsko Horo and Baker’s Dozen. All up they make a damn good set, but you might have to drop this transcription down three tones to play along with the other two.

Hey, Neil!
It is a great tune. Glad you posted it
I suppose it is in 2+2+3, It has something in common with both Balkan and ITM

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Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to contact Neil Barr, but I’m certainly quite flattered to find my tune here! Amusingly, I was listening to a lot of Scottish pipe music when I wrote it, and the first part fit on pipes in the key it was originally written (though not in the key that I later played it: on soprano saxophone). It’s also on a cassette recording from 1991 of a Northern-California-based Balkan-rock band I was in called the "Balkan Noyz Boyz", and the first public performance (and the recording that I think Andy learned it from) was by a pickup group performing as "The Sex Potatos".

I don’t know how it turned into a "barn dance" 🙂; "Ruchenitsa" is a standard Bulgarian folk dance in 2 2 3.

I’d like to contact Neil (or have him contact me); a Google search on "Steven Finney" should get you to my Cognitive Psychology page and you can grab my email address from there.

Steve Finney