Two recordings of
Sean Tiobrad Arann
The Cuil Aodha

Sean Tiobrad Arann (jig) is also known as Old Tipperary, The Old Tipperary, Port Sean Tiobrad Arann, Sean Tiobraid Arann.

The Cuil Aodha (jig) is also known as Amhran An Tae, Chuil Aodha, The Coolea, Cuil Aodh, Cul Aodh, The Cul Aodh, Poirt Cúl Aodha, Port Chuil Aodha, Port Cuil Aodh, Port Cuil Aodha, The Song Of The Tea.

A Letter Home by Athena Tergis

  1. Cailleach An Airgid (Hag With The Money)
  2. Old Tipperary
  3. Cuil Aodh

But Why, Johnny? by John O'Halloran

  1. Port Cuil Aodha
  2. Scatter The Mud
  3. Old Tipperary