Three recordings of
Donnybrook Fair
Tatter Jack Walsh

Donnybrook Fair (jig) is also known as An Carbhat, Andy Keone’s, Aonach Domhnach Broc, Aonach Domhnach Brocach, The Caravat, The Humours Of Donnybrook, The Joy Of My Life, The Joys Of Life, The Joys Of Love, Joys Of My Life, The Joys Of My Life, Kiss Me I’m Irish, Lutgair Mo Beata, Our Little Green Isle, The River Cree.

Tatter Jack Walsh (jig) is also known as An T-Athair Jack Walsh, An T-Athair Jack Walsh’s, An T-Athair Jack Walshe, An T-Athair Seánín Breathnach, An T’Athair Jack Walsh, An TAthair Jack Walsh, An TAthair Jack Walsh’, An TAthair Jack Walshe, An Tathar Jack Walsh, Father Jack Walsh, Patrick Jack Walsh, T’Athair Jack Walsh, Tater Jack Walsh, TAthair Jack Walsh, Tatter Jack, Tatter Jack Welch, Tatter Jack Welsh, Tattered Jack Welch, Tattler Jack Walsh, Tattler Jack Welsh.

Farewell to Ireland by Randy Miller and James Prendergast

  1. Tatter Jack Walsh
  2. Joy Of My Life
  3. The Shores Of Lough Gowna

Pure Piping by Leo Rickard

  1. An TAthair Jack Walsh
  2. The Cook In The Kitchen
  3. Donnybrook Fair

Truth Be Told by Justin Bonar-Bridges

  1. The Donnybrook Fair
  2. Paddy Carty’s Favourite
  3. Tatter Jack Walsh