Two recordings of
The First House In Connaught
The Ladies Pantalettes

The First House In Connaught (reel) is also known as Céad Teach Chonnacht, Céad Tigh I GConnacht, The End House In Connaught, First House In Connacht, The First House In Connacht, First House Of Connacht, The First House Of Connacht, First House Of Connaught, The First House Of Connaught, Terry Moylan’s.

The Ladies Pantalettes (reel) is also known as The County Clare, The County Of Clare, Diúc Laighean Agus A Bhean, Dráiríní Na Mná Uaisle, The Duke Of Leinster And His Wife, The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife, Gardiner’s Favourite, Gardner’s Favourite, The Ladies Pantallettes, The Ladies Pantelettes, The Ladies’ Pantalettes, The Lady’s Pantalettes, Pantalettes Na Mna.

Aisling Gheal by Fiachra O'Regan

  1. The Ladies Pantalettes
  2. The First House In Connaught

Down The Old Plank Road by The Chieftains

  1. Ladies Pantalettes
  2. Belles Of Blackville
  3. First House In Connaught