Ten recordings of Denny Mescall’s

Also known as Denny Mescall’s, Denny Mescall’s Hat, Dinny Mescal’s, Dinny Miscal’s, Micko Doyle’s, Mind Yourself Of The Turkey Cock, Mind Yourself Of The Turkey Cock Or The Turkey Cock Will Bite You, Mind Yourself Of The Turkeycock, Mind Yourself Of The Turkeycock Or The Turkeycock Will Bite You, Patsy Mack, Sleamhnán Dhinní Uí Mheiscil.

This tune has been recorded together with The Bank Of Turf (a few times), Adam’s Apple, The Flogging, The Japanese, The Milliner’s Daughter, Nóra Críona, The Old Stage, Riding On A Load Of Hay, Roche’s, The Salamanca, The Templehouse.

  1. Ceol An Cláir by Various Artists
  2. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 8 by Matt Cunningham
  3. Katy Bar The Door by Randal Bays
  4. Meitheal by Seamus Begley And Stephen Cooney
  5. Rince Go Maidin by The Allow Ceili Band
  6. Rogha Órdha by Various Artists
  7. Set Dances Of Ireland, Volume I by Various Artists
  8. Sláinte by Sláinte
  9. The Chieftains 5 by The Chieftains
  10. The Drunken Gaugers by Kevin Crawford, Dylan Foley and Patrick Doocey