The Bungalow reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Bungalow
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E|A2cA BcdB|efga ecAc|d/d/dfd c/c/cec|Be^df e=dcB|
A2cA BcdB|efga ecAc|defd ceaf|eagb a2(3efg|
abga fgef|decd Befg|abga faec|eagb a2(3efg|
afge fdec|dBcA BGED|CEAB ceaf|ecdB A4|

Eight comments

The ABC is apparently in the wrong timing. All single notes should be followed by “2” and all slashes (/) should be deleted.

So the first bar, for example, should now read |A2cA BcdB|

Lovely tune. Where did you find it?

The bungalow

This is a Scottish tune by J. Scott Skinner

Sorry about the confusion in the ABC. The tune is a Scottish reel in 2/4, 16 bars with a pick-up measure; the notes are meant to be mostly 1/16th notes. Many Scottish reels are noted this way to emphasize the high tempo. The site converts it to 4/4 and into 1/8th notes, assuming that all reels are noted thus. It is indeed a Skinner tune. I found it in a great book called the _Scottish Fiddlers’ Session Tunebook_ readily available on Amazon

Re: The Bungalow

An arrangement of Skinner’s The Bungalow can be heard at

I have arranged it for celtic fiddle ensemble, with 2 fiddle lines, cello line, and chords for comping instruments.

The Weaver MacFarlane Choon Book is a free download of over 40 concert arrangements for this celtic fiddle ensemble. Use the download link at

(The Bungalow will be in the next release of the choon book, but if you want the dots I will email you a pdf (until the next release of the collected arrangements). No charge, just don’t say you wrote the charts.

Re: The Bungalow

Er, well, the 2 tunes were published together! Lots of other Scott Skinner tunes on the Aberdeen University website, free access.