Wake Up To Cape Breton reel

By Brenda Stubbert

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One setting

X: 1
T: Wake Up To Cape Breton
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emix
2 BEEF DEFA|(3Bcd AF E2E||
|:d|eBB=g efge|fd~d2 ABdf|eBBg efge|dBAF E2Ed|
eBBg efge|fd~d2 ABdf|gefd edBA|(3Bcd AF E2E:|

Three comments

This Brenda Stubbert tune woke me up to Cape Breton. I’m glad to be able to post in Emix which is my favourite mode of all. It sounds so bright, like A major, but it’s much more robust-sounding. Beware of copyright, would-be public performers/recorders.

By the way, watch the change into minor 3rds for the B-part. I’ve put a natural sign in as a reminder for sheetmusic readers as key sigs are sometimes easy to miss.

Re: Wake Up To Cape Breton

Hello, Doctor.
I’ve read your comments for years. How are you doing? Getting a few tunes with friends throughout the pandemic? Maybe an online session? The end of this suspension of life is coming…
Brenda has also written another tune using E maj/E minor, a corker of a reel called Kolten MacDonnel, after a fine fiddler/pianist/stepdancer from the Mabou/Port Hood area of Cape Breton. Unpublished yet, it’s been out a few years. I’m sure you would like it. Just ask info@cranfordpub.com, and Paul Cranford will send you a copy. Take good care. I love both tunes!