Mrs McGhee jig

Also known as Mrs McGee, Mrs McGhie’s Reel, Mrs. McGee, Mrs. McGhee.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Mrs McGhee
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmix
~G3 ~B3|dBG Gef|cAF FEF|c2d cBA|
~G3 ~B3|dBG Gef|cBc edc|dBG G2D:|
GBd gab|ag^f g2B|cAF FEF|c2d cBA|
GBd gab|ag^f g2B|cBc edc|dBG G2D|
GBd gab|ag^f g2B|cAF FEF|c2d cga|
bgb a^fa|g^fe dcB|cBc edc|dBG G2D|
# Added by errik .
X: 2
T: Mrs McGhee
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
D|G3 B3|dBG GBd|cAF F2f|c2B A/B/cA|
G3 B3|dBG GBd|def cAc|dBG G2:|
D|GBd gab|ag=e f3|cAF F2f|c2B A/B/cA|
GBd gab|ag^f g3|BAB cde|dBG G2 D|
GBd gab|ag=e f3|cAF F2f|c2B A/B/cA|
bag ag^f|gfe dcB|BAB cde|dBG G2D|]

Seven comments

a very old Scottish tune, first published as early as 1765 and also in the Glen Collection of 1891; often mistakenly thought to be Cape Breton or Irish

Mrs McGhie’s Reel

Composed by John Riddell (1718 or 23-1795).

great tune! everyone should check out the Altan version- they put it with Andy de Jarlis and one other … which is it? anyway, it works fabulously!

I’m sure they stole the jig set from Jerry Holland.


Doesn’t seem that this is the same tune that’s on the Traditional Cape Breton CD. It sounds fastly different. Any suggestions on the tune by the same name?

…of course I meant VASTLY not fastly different.

Re: Mrs McGhee

A nice version of this tune (in Gmin) is played by Calum Stewart And Lauren MacColl on "Wooden Flute & Fiddle" (2012).