Three recordings of
Jerry O’Sullivan’s
The Lollipop Man

Jerry O’Sullivan’s (reel) is also known as Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad, Hoch Hey Johnny Lad, The Lads Of Saltcoats, The Lasses Of The Ferry.

The Lollipop Man (march) is also known as Ain Kind Dearie, Ain Kind Deary O, An Oidhche A Bha Bhainis Ann, The Caledonian Laddy, I’ll Meet Thee On The Lea-rig, The Lea Rig, The Lea Rigg, The Lea Rigg, The Lea Rigges, My Ain Kind Dearie, My Ain Kind Dearie O, My Ain Kind Deary O, My Own Kind Dearie, The Night The Wedding Was, Oh! Lassie, Art Thou Sleeping Yet?, The Wedding Night.

Cape Breton Fiddlers On Early LPs by Various Artists

  1. Duncan’s Trip To The Coal Mines
  2. Hoch Hey Johnny Lad
  3. The Lea Rig
  4. Gan Ainm

Eleven by Troy MacGillivray

  1. Mr. Murray
  2. Hoch Hey Johnny Lad
  3. The Lea Rig
  4. Miss Nisbet Of Dirleton
  5. Ostinelli’s

Gaelic in the Bow by Alex Francis MacKay

  1. Sandlaw’s Welcome
  2. Bogniebrae
  3. Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad
  4. The Bog O’ Gight
  5. The Lea Rig
  6. Bonnie Nellie
  7. Pretty Marion