John O’Leary’s polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: John O'Leary's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
dB fB | de f2 | dB fB | c/B/A/c/ e2 | dB fB | de f2 | d>e f/e/d | B2 {d}B2 :|!
f>e f/b/a | fe f2 | dB fB | c/B/A/c/ e2 | f>e f/b/a | fe f2 | d>e f/e/d | B2{d} B2 :|]

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Mighty Polka?

This tune is really in F#m but wasn’t an option on the input screen. It’s also commonly played in Em, (moved down a 5th) at any rate it’s one of the most exciting polka’s I know & can lift any session out of the mud at polka time.

I think ‘John O’Leary’s’ is the name of this tune, but I’m not sure. As a friend of mine says, "Anyone who knows the names of polkas is a $#@!"

Have fun with this one


I love that quote, Brad. I’m going to have to use it — since I can’t seem to remember the which name of which polka goes with which tune! *giggle*



Now I’m going to be a $#@! This tune is a close relative of a polka known as O’Keefe’s, which really is in Bminor. But I’ve noticed, it’s hard to find an Irish polka that doesn’t have an echo of some other tune in it.

How come?

What was the justification for this being given the alternative title of "The Lament For Staker Wallace"? Could it be removed,please?

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I learnt this from Nuala Kennedy as "Josephine Marsh’s" and I subsequently found it as "Din Tarrant’s" and "The Cobbler" (the last recorded by Julia and Billy Clifford).