The Spindle Shank reel

Also known as Little Duke’s, McGettrick’s, Spindleshanks.

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The Spindle Shank can be heard as the third in the set of four reels on track 3 of Cotton-eyed Joe (The Chieftains 10).


I know this as McGettrick’s. I picked it up from our session & it’s a great tune. Are there any other albums apart from Chieftains 10 where this tune is entitled Spindle Shank?

I think Charlie Lennon has also recorded this tune as “Spindleshanks” on “Lucky in Love” (?). Been a while since I heard that recording. Nearly sure that the tune has been recorded as “McGettrick’s” by Paddy O’Brien and James Kelly.


I’ve just posted “Lucky In Love” in the recording section. This reel is indeed on that record as “Spindleshanks”, and interestingly, [ for “Dow” ] , the sleeve notes say: “Got from Jimmy McGettrick, a flute player from Lissinanny near Ballymote in Co. Sligo”. That would explain how it came to be known as McGettrick’s".

The sleeve notes from “The Chieftains 10” for this tune are very similar to those from “Lucky in Love”: “The Spindle Shank Reel, a reel Matt Molloy learned from Jimmy McGettrick, a tin-whistle and flute player from Lissinany County Sligo.”


such is my nature, that I shoved Will’s abc through tune-o-tron with the L:1/9
All was well - it interpreted it as the usual L:1/8
In fact L:1/5 through to L:1/15 did the same

Paddy O’Brien and James Kelly playing McGettrick’s (Spindle Shank)

X: 1
T: McGettrick’s
S: Paddy O’Brien
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d2 ge dBAG|F/E/D Ac BGAF|GAGE DEGE|1FAdc BGGe:|2FAdc BGGf||
gedB cAAg|f/e/d ad bdaf|gedB cAA^c|1dega bggf:|2dega bgge||

Re: The Spindle Shank / Little Duke’s

A setting in Ryan’s MC (#305) as Little Duke’s.

Re: The Spindle Shank

Spindleshanks: a person having long slender legs.