Seven recordings of a tune named
Reel Des Voyageurs

Also known as Le Reel Des Voyageurs, Le Voyageur, Les Reel Des Voyageurs, The Traveler’s, The Woodchoppers.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Black Cat, McCahill’s, Myra’s, Roddy McDonald’s Fancy, Sheepskins And Beeswax, The Tammienorrie, The Woodchoppers.

  1. Arise & Go by Arise & Go
  2. Electrique by Bette & Wallet
  3. Presence by Catherine Fraser And Duncan Smith
  4. Sharon Shannon by Sharon Shannon
  5. The Birnam Witch Project by Harem Scarem
  6. The Legendary Down Home Recordings by Various Artists
  7. Venus In Tweeds by Shooglenifty