Twenty-two recordings of Thady Casey’s Fancy

Also known as Burren No1, The Burren, Rogha Thaidhg U, The Star Of Kilkenny, Thady Casey’s, Tommy Flynn’s.

This tune has been recorded together with The Eel In The Sink (a few times), Lady Gordon’s (a few times), Mary McMahon (a few times), Sporting Paddy (a few times), The Stone In The Field (a few times), The Blackberry Blossom, Come Up To The Room, I Want Ye, The Connemara Stockings, Corney Is Coming, Drag Her Round The Road, Drogheda Bay, Farewell To Erin, Father Newman’s, John Dwyer’s, Johnny Henry’s, The Ladies Pantalettes, The Lark’s March, Last Night’s Fun, The Linen Cap, Lord Inchiquin, Mama’s Pet, The Monaghan Twig, The Noon Lassies, The Old Torn Petticoat, Ormond Sound, The Other High, Ownie Davis’, Paddy Fahey’s, Palmer’s Gate, The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn, The Reel Of Rio, Richard Dwyer’s, The Scartaglen, Sweeney’s Dream, The Virginia, The Virginia, The Wexford Lasses.

  1. 16 Tracks of Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle From Longford & Clare by Eamon McGivney
  2. Blue Skies Above by Matt And Shannon Heaton
  3. Christmas in Ireland by Cherish The Ladies
  4. Crossroads by Joe Ryan and Eddie Clarke
  5. Flower Of The Red Mill by Sarah Blair
  6. Gavin Whelan by Gavin Whelan
  7. Going Places by Mairtin O’Connor Band
  8. Hoof And Mouth by Kevin Burke’s Open House
  9. John Williams by John Williams
  10. Live In Dublin by James Keane
  11. Maudy’s Hut by Jérôme Palac’hig
  12. Out On The Ocean by Moher
  13. Owenmore Céilí Band by Owenmore ceili band
  14. Portherhead by Portherhead
  15. The Coming Of Spring by Kathleen Conneely
  16. The Fertile Rock by Chris Droney
  17. The Frost Is All Over by Paul McGrattan
  18. The Press Gang by The Press Gang (USA)
  19. The Windy Gap by Laurence Nugent
  20. Threads Of Time by Cherish The Ladies
  21. Virginia by Birkin Tree
  22. With Friends Like These by James Keane