One recording of
Thady Casey’s Fancy
Sporting Paddy

Thady Casey’s Fancy (reel) is also known as Burren No1, The Burren, Rogha Thaidhg U, The Star Of Kilkenny, Thady Casey’s, Tommy Flynn’s.

Sporting Paddy (reel) is also known as Castle Guillou, The Cranley, Irish Pat, John Doherty’s, The Maid In The Apple Tree, Padai Sportmhar, Paddy Flaithiúil, Pádraic Spóirtiúil, Sportin’ Paddy, The Sporting Paddy, Sporting Paddy’s, Sporting Pat.

Hoof And Mouth by Kevin Burke's Open House

  1. Drag Her ‘Round The Road
  2. Sporting Paddy
  3. Connemara Stockings
  4. James Keane’s
  5. Sporting Paddy