One recording of
Munster Bacon
The Lilting Banshee

Munster Bacon (jig) is also known as Bagún Mumhan, Kitty Gone A Clinking Coming To The Fair, Kitty Got A Clicking Coming To The Fair, Kitty Got A Clinking Coming To The Fair, The Munster Bacon, Munster Grass, The Munster Grass.

The Lilting Banshee (jig) is also known as Ballinasloe Fair, The Banshee’s Lament, Bobby Casey’s, The Butcher’s March, Fallon’s, The Glanmire Miller, John Conroy’s, The Killaloe Boat, The Miller Of Glanmire, The Moyasta, Paddy In London, Rita Keane’s, Ryan’s, Ryan’s Favourite, The Sligo, The Wail Of The Banshee, The Wailing Banshee.

Garden Of Butterflies by Jody's Heaven

  1. The Lilting Banshee
  2. The Munster Grass
  3. The Maid On The Green