Els’ barndance

Also known as Highland Fling, Kafoozalum, Will You Marry Me.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Els'
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BA GA B2 B2 | cB AB c2 c2 | BA GA B2 B2 | GA BG A2G2 :|
d2 dc AB cB | AB (3cBA AB (3cBA | d2 dc AB cB | GA BG A2 G2 |
d2 dc AB cB | AD (3FED AD (3FED | d2 dc AB cB | GA BG A2 G2 |
X: 2
T: Els'
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: A/ |B>GD>B B2 B2 | c>AF>A c2 c2 |B>GD>G B2 B>A | G>AB>G (3ABA G3/ :|
|: B/ |d2 d>c B>c d2 | A>Bc>B A>B (3cBA |[1 d2 d>c B>cd>B | G>A (3BAG (3ABA G3/ :|
[2 (3ded (3cdc (3BcB (3ABA | G>A (3BAG (3ABA G3/ |]
X: 3
T: Els'
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fdAd f4|gece g4|fdAd f2 de|fd e2 d4||
a3 g fg a2 |efgf ef g2| a3 g fg a2 |defd e2 d2||

Ten comments

Els’ Barndance

First learnt from my mother Rose O’Connor (Dundalk Co Louth), forgotten and heard again a year or 2 ago by the band "AT the Racket" I think. It had no name but since my partner Els Jongejans liked it enough to actually learn it on the mandolin (first had to learn to play !!) I felt it must bear her name. Peter

Els Barndance

Sorry guys it’s in the wrong key should of course be in Gmajor

& it’s a fling/highland/highland fling…with the ‘skips’ in the playing of it - or that’s how I’ve heard it…

" ? " Highland Fling

Here’s another transcription of this tune with one of several possible options if you choose a second ending:

K: G Major
|: >A |
B>GD>B B2 B2 | c>AF>A c2 c2 |
B>GD>G B2 B>A | G>AB>G (3ABA G> :|
|: > B |
d2 d>c B>c d2 | A>Bc>B A>B (3cBA |
1 d2 d>c B>cd>B | G>A (3BAG (3ABA G> :|
2 (3ded (3cdc (3BcB (3ABA | G>A (3BAG (3ABA G> ||

This tune is also known in the Major keys of A & D… I’ve chosen to give it here in the same key as the original transcription. I know this wasn’t that rare a tune, but I haven’t yet been able to dig out a name for it… I’m still looking…

"Els’ Highland Fling" ~ adding the headers & \

X: 2
T: Els’
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: highland fling
K: GMaj
|: A/ |\
B>GD>B B2 B2 | c>AF>A c2 c2 |\
B>GD>G B2 B>A | G>AB>G (3ABA G3/ :|
|: B/ |\
d2 d>c B>c d2 | A>Bc>B A>B (3cBA |\
[1 d2 d>c B>cd>B | G>A (3BAG (3ABA G3/ :|
[2 (3ded (3cdc (3BcB (3ABA | G>A (3BAG (3ABA G3/ |]

Re: Gan Ainm

Hello JHowley! As I hear this in my head I’m imagining you playing it in clawhammer style. The tune is part of a large family of tunes known in Scotland and Ireland. I primrily know it as "Kafoozlum" but most people in Scotland associate it with a children’s rhyme called "Katie Bairdie":

Kate Bairdie had a coo, black an’ white aboot the mou’,
Wasna that dainty coo? Dance, Katie Bairdie!

It’s possibly known by most people in Ireland as "Love, Will You Marry Me?" but it has lots of other titles and forms. Where did you get it, J?

Re: Gan Ainm

The second part is similar to Love, Will You Marry Me, but the first part is different enough - and posted here as Els’- https://thesession.org/tunes/2694

I’ve heard/played Els’ and Love, Will You Marry Me ( https://thesession.org/tunes/1990 )as a set a number of times in Glencolmcille. Not anywhere else. (And I haven’t heard Els anywhere else either.)

Re: Gan Ainm

Thanks, Jeff and Nigel! I think it must be a D version of Els’ Barndance. I learned it from DC fiddler Bob Spates at Nanny O’Brien’s Pub many years ago, and he may have picked it up on one of his visits to Glencolmcille. It also seems like a barndance version of Davy Maguire’s reel (https://thesession.org/tunes/2570).

Re: Gan Ainm

Err, and when I say Els’, I really mean all of those near-identical barndances/flings/schottisches (Kafoozalum, Will You Marry Me, etc.). Wouldn’t want any of them to feel left out.

Re: Els’

Ah, thanks for the reel version - I’ve played it for nearly twenty years now but never thought about its similarity with Els’.