Two recordings of
The Highlander’s Farewell To Ireland
Bedding Of The Bride

The Highlander’s Farewell To Ireland (strathspey) is also known as The Highland Watch’s Farewell To Ireland, Highland Watches Farewell To Ireland, Highland’s Farewell To Ireland, Highlander’s Farewell To Erin, The Highlander’s Farewell, Highlanders Farewell To Ireland.

Bedding Of The Bride (reel) is also known as Bean Na Bainnse, The Bedding Of The Bride.

Gun Tàm / Restless by Cliar

  1. Highlander’s Farewell To Ireland
  2. Sabhal Iain ‘ic Uisdein
  3. Welcome To Your Feet Again
  4. Ciamar A Ni Mi An Dannsa Direach?
  5. Bedding Of The Bride
  6. Meal Do Bhrogan
  7. Crathadh T’ Aodaich A Ghaoil

My Joy by Hanneke Cassel

  1. Highlander’s Farewell
  2. MacLaine Of Loch Buie
  3. Bedding Of The Bride