Dancing Eyes jig

By Sean Ryan

Also known as Billy Caples’s Favourite, Clamp Of Turf, The Clamp Of Turf, The Dancing Eyes.

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Ten comments

Dancing Eyes

One of Sean Ryans His trademark seemed to be long descending scales going down to the G string

Gerry’s jig set

Gerry McCann plays this tune in a set in Manchester sessions (and sometimes in Liverpool, perhaps)…

Dancing Eyes/Little House Around the Corner (The House in the Glen - check relevant comments for Gerry’s setting)/Nova Scotia… nice set.

Oh, and he starts Nova Scotia with the anacrusis (the pick-up notes), emphasising and holding the first B for a fraction which gives a nice halt and lift to the rhythm - and catches out many an unsuspecting, visiting guitarist *hee hee*

"The Hidden Ireland:

The First Selection of Irish Traditional Compositions of
Séan Ryan"
Compiled by Brian Ryan

Page 11: “Dancing Eyes”
in G Major

Sean Ryan’s (The Dancing Eyes)

This tune is also on Peter and Angelina Carberry’s album “Memories from the Holla”. I think it’s the first tune on track 9.

Saved from deletion

X: 1
T: The Clamp Of Turf (or do you think they meant “clump”)
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
D: The Bridge Ceili Band
R: jig
K: Gmaj
|: D | G,B,D GBd | cAA BAG | AFD fed | cAG FDC |
G,B,/C/D G2 d | cAG FGA | d^cd fed | cAF G2 :|
|: D | GBd gba | fag fdc | B2 d cAA | BAG AFD |
GB/c/d gba | f/g/ag fdc | B2 d cAF | AGF G2 :|

Clamp as in charcoal clamp? I watched a program on TV recently where they were doing that. They were saying that it had to be supervised the whole time and it takes ages.

“The Clamp of Turf” ~ Definitely “clamp” ~ goodgle it 😉

Thanks Mark… You beat me to it…

“goodgle” ~ what’s a “goodgle”? ~ “google” was the intention…

In some parts “clamp” just means a “store”. So, it might be where you kept your turves for winter. Maybe.

Re: Dancing Eyes

A “ clamp” of turf is one of a number of Irish colloquial words for a stand or shaped heap of turf sods. A “clamp” is a heap about 3‘ round & 3’high. Next size up in turf heap world is a “reek” of turf…. Used as a noun & verb.

You can take the man out of the bog, but…!