One hundred and thirty-six recordings of a tune named
Jackson’s Morning Brush

Also known as Jackson Morning, Jackson’s, Jackson’s Favourite, Rogha Mhic Sheain.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Wandering Minstrel (a few times), Athernie Lodge (a few times), The Dublin (a few times), The Maid On The Green (a few times), The Rambling Pitchfork (a few times), Ambrose Moloney’s (a few times), The Boys Of Ballisodare (a few times), The Golden Keyboard (a few times), The Gravel Walks (a few times), Kit O’Connor’s (a few times), Maudabawn Chapel (a few times), Mulvihill’s (a few times), The Oak Tree (a few times), The Ships Are Sailing (a few times), Tom Ward’s Downfall (a few times), The Absent-minded Man, Ashmolean House, Blackberry Blossom, The Blarney Pilgrim, The Boys Of Ballinamore, The Boys Of The Town, Brendan Ring’s, Brian’s, The Charleston, The Cliffs Of Moher, Comb Your Hair And Curl It, Con Cassidy’s, The Connaughtman’s Rambles, The Convenience, The Cow That Ate The Blanket, Da Sooth End, Dancing Eyes, Dowd’s No. 9, Down The Broom, The Dunmore Lasses, The Eavesdropper, Fair Jenny’s, The Frost Is All Over, The Golden Eagle, The Green Hills Of Tyrol, The Green Mountain, Hand Me Down The Tackle, The High Drive, The Hunter’s Purse, Jenny Dang The Weaver, Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie, Joe Ryan’s, Johnny’s Wedding, The Jug Of Punch, Kitty In The Lane, La Cosa Mulligan, The Lilting Fisherman, The Limestone Rock, The Log, The Longford Collector, Master Crowley’s, McFadden’s Handsome Daughter, McHugh’s, The Miller’s Maggot, The Monaghan Twig, The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow, The Moving Cloud, Murphy’s, My Love Is Fair And Handsome, Nana Jo’s, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy Reynolds’ Dream, Paddy Taylor’s, Peter Street, The Pipe On The Hob, Private Ass And Cart, The Rakes Of Kildare, The Red-haired Lass, Redican’s, The Scolding Wife, Sean Bui, Shanahan’s Rambles, Shandon Bells, Sliabh Russell, Stan Chapman’s, The Stool Of Repentance, The Swallow’s Tail, The Tar Road To Sligo, Tear The Calico, Up Sligo, Wilfred’s Fiddle, The Woman Of The House.

  1. 1891-1945 Disc 2 by Michael Coleman
  2. A Living Thing by Various Artists
  3. A Tribute To John McKenna by Mick Woods
  4. A Way for Ireland by Castle Ceili Band & Sixteen Ninety One aka 1691
  5. Aengus by Aengus
  6. Ag Fogairt An Lae by The Raw Bar Collective
  7. Agus Na Muideartaich by Fergie MacDonald And Friends
  8. An Exciting Session With One Of Ireland’s Leading Traditional Fiddlers by Tommy Peoples
  9. An Triréad / the Trio by Legacy
  10. Another Side Of Cape Breton by Johnny Wilmot
  11. Another Side Of Cape Breton by Johnny Wilmot
  12. Ar An Bhfidil by Oisin MacDiarmada
  13. Ar An Bhfidil (On the Fiddle): Irish Fiddle Music from Sligo by Oisin MacDiarmada
  14. At Home by Rosie Shipley And Matt Mulqueen
  15. Best Of Irish Ceili Music by Various Artists
  16. Between Up And Down by Ado Barker And Ruairi McGorman
  17. Black Rain by Paul Garner
  18. Both Sides by Nua
  19. Brian Kelly by Brian Kelly
  20. Bümpliz Süd by An Lar
  21. Caise Ceoil by Various Artists
  22. Cape Breton Fiddlers On Early LPs by Various Artists
  23. Celtic Voices by Various Artists
  24. Ceol Agus Foinn : Music And Songs From The Willie Clancy Summer School by Various Artists
  25. Ceol Tire by Various Artists
  26. Clare Concertinas by Bernard O’Sullivan And Tommy McMahon
  27. Classic Recordings Of Irish Traditional Fiddle Music by Hugh Gillespie
  28. Classic Recordings Of Irish Traditional Fiddle Music by Hugh Gillespie
  29. Collaborations by Mark Lysaght
  30. Come Dance With Me In Ireland by Various Artists
  31. Come Take The Byroads by McDermott’s Handy
  32. Connacht Ceili Band by Connacht Ceili Band
  33. CrossHarbour by CrossHarbour
  34. Crossing The Bridge by Eileen Ivers
  35. Crossroads Céilí by The Temple House Ceili Band, Brendan Begley, Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich, Seamus Glackin, Mick O’Brien, Mary Corcoran, Mick Gaynor
  36. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 4 by Matt Cunningham
  37. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 6 by Matt Cunningham
  38. Dance Time In Ireland by Larry McKee And The Shandonairs
  39. Dancing To Jigs And Reels by Various Artists
  40. Different State by Paudie O’Connor
  41. Don’t Touch that Green Linnet by Paul and David Garner with Jon Hicks
  42. Drimalost And Beyond - CD 1 of 2 by Danny Meehan
  43. Electric Céilí by Electric Céilí
  44. Fairwater (Fionnuisce) by Declan Masterson
  45. Farewell To Ireland CD 3 (Of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists
  46. Fiddler’s Fancy: 50 Irish Fiddle Tunes by Tommy Peoples
  47. Fiddler’s Fancy: 50 Irish Fiddle Tunes by Tommy Peoples
  48. Fiddlewings by Manus McGuire
  49. For The Love Of Tara by Denis Lanctot
  50. Forget Me Not: Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle and Flute by Rose Flanagan and Laura Byrne
  51. Frankie Gavin And Alec Finn by Frankie Gavin And Alec Finn
  52. Frankie Goes To Town by Frankie Gavin
  53. From Leitrim To London by Brian Rooney
  54. Gaelic Roots by Various Artists
  55. Galway’s Own by Joe Burke
  56. Greenfire by Greenfire
  57. Grove Lane by Joe Derrane
  58. Gusty’s Frolicks by Sean Keane
  59. Humdinger by Paul Brock And Enda Scahill
  60. I’m Leaving Tipperary by Various Artists
  61. Irish Accordion by Joe Derrane
  62. Irish Accordion by Timmy Cronin
  63. Irish Cream by Irish Cream
  64. Irish Jig by Gwendal
  65. Irish Jigs & Reels by Various Artists
  66. Irish Popular Dances by Various Artists
  67. Irish Traditional Fiddle Music by John Kelly And James Kelly With Michael Crehan And Michael Gavin
  68. Irish Traditional Fiddle Music by John Kelly And James Kelly With Michael Crehan And Michael Gavin
  69. Just As It Was 2 by Alasdair Fraser and Muriel Johnstone
  70. Last Night’s Fun by John Carty
  71. Legends Of Tara by Various Artists
  72. Light Touch Dancing Bow by Joseph Browne
  73. Lochaber No More by Boys Of The Lough
  74. Macalla Na hÓige by Hugh Healy And Colm Healy
  75. Michael Sexton Ceili Band, Volume 2: Mad to Dance by Michael Sexton Ceili Band
  76. Mick Mulcahy by Mick Mulcahy
  77. Milestone At The Garden by Irish Fiddle Masters From The 78 RPM Era
  78. Misneach by Misneach
  79. Northern Banjo by Ken Pearlman
  80. Number 6 by Sean Potts
  81. On A Rock In The Middle Of The Ocean by Various Artists
  82. On TSean - Am Anall by Danny O’Donnell
  83. Our Musical Heritage Disc 2 by Various Artists
  84. Past Masters Of Irish Fiddle Music by Various Artists
  85. Pluckin’ Good by Christy Dunne
  86. Reeds And Rosin by Todd Denman And Dale Russ
  87. Rip The Calico by Paul Dooley
  88. Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2008 by Various Artists
  89. Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2010 by Various Artists
  90. Seán Ryan CD 1 by Sean Ryan
  91. Set You Free by Nomos
  92. Shatter The Calm by Dan Beimborn
  93. Shines like Silver by Cady Finlayson
  94. Sparks On The Flags by The Bridge Céilí Band
  95. Spirits and Dreamers by Mochara
  96. Stony Steps by Matt Molloy
  97. Stony Steps by Matt Molloy
  98. Strings Attached by Mick Moloney
  99. Suaimhneas by Michelle Mulcahy
  100. The Ancient Music Of Ireland by Various Artists
  101. The Best Ever Traditional Irish Pub Session Volume Two by Various Artists
  102. The Best Of Irish Jigs And Reels Vol.1 by Various Artists
  103. The Blackberry Blossom - Celtic Jigs & Reels by Various Artists
  104. The Brass Fiddle: Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal by Various Artists
  105. The Broken Pledge by Marc Pollier, Christian Maes, Christophe Raillard
  106. The Flags Of Dublin by Paddy Glackin, Mick O’Brien And Mick Gavin
  107. The Gentlemen Pipers by Various Artists
  108. The Kells by The Kells
  109. The Legacy Of Michael Coleman by Michael Coleman
  110. The Legacy Of Michael Coleman by Michael Coleman
  111. The Legendary Angus Fitchet by Angus Fitchet
  112. The Leitrim Cake by Joe ‘Lacky’ Gallagher
  113. The Long Finger by Barry Carroll And Joe McHugh
  114. The Next Turn by Trouble In The Kitchen
  115. The Piping Of Patsy Touhey by Patsy Touhey
  116. The Piping Of Patsy Touhey by Patsy Touhey
  117. The Purple Heather CD2 by Vincent Campbell
  118. The Road To Riley by Riley School Of Irish Music
  119. The Seven Suns by John McSherry
  120. The Steeplechase by Brendan Mulvihill And Donna Long
  121. The Stone In The Field by Tommy Reck
  122. The Sunny Banks by Edel Fox and Neill Byrne
  123. The Wandering Minstrel by Seamus Ennis
  124. The Wheels Of The World: Classics Of Irish Traditional Music by Various Artists
  125. There’s Irish On The Islands by Fergie MacDonald
  126. Torch And Fire by Dan Beimborn
  127. Touch Me If You Dare by Ronan Browne And Peter O’Loughlin
  128. Traditional Irish Music by William Sullivan
  129. Traditional Irish Music Played On The Uilleann Pipes by Robbie Hannan
  130. Traditional Music Of Ireland by Kathleen Collins
  131. Tunes in the Church by Various Artists
  132. Tunesmith by Antóin MacGabhann
  133. Vintage 78s by Bobby MacLeod
  134. vPipes - EP by Kavan from Cavan
  135. Where I Am by Brendan Callahan
  136. Wooden Flute Obsession Disk 1 by Various Artists