One hundred and eighty recordings of Drowsy Maggie

Also known as Drowsey Maggie, Drowsie Maggie, Drowsy Maggy, Maggie Tuirseach, Maggie’s Drowsy.

This tune has been recorded together with Cooley’s (lots of times), Toss The Feathers (lots of times), Morrison’s (lots of times), The Flogging (lots of times), Sleepy Maggie (lots of times), The Morning Dew (lots of times), Rakish Paddy (lots of times), Harvest Storm (lots of times), Jenny’s Chickens (lots of times), Scotch Mary (lots of times), The Wind That Shakes The Barley (lots of times), The Glass Of Beer (a few times), The Mountain Road (a few times), The Foxhunters (a few times), The Little Beggarman (a few times), The Maid Behind The Bar (a few times), The Man Of The House (a few times), The Mason’s Apron (a few times), The Pigeon On The Gate (a few times), The Sally Gardens (a few times), The Silver Spear (a few times), The Swallow’s Tail (a few times), The Teetotallers (a few times), The Banshee (a few times), The Blarney Pilgrim (a few times), The Butterfly (a few times), Cock O’ The North (a few times), Cooley’s (a few times), The Cup Of Tea (a few times), The Fairy Dance (a few times), Farewell To Ireland (a few times), The Heather Breeze (a few times), Jenny’s Wedding (a few times), The Musical Priest (a few times), The Shaskeen (a few times), Staten Island (a few times), The Wise Maid (a few times), A Fig For A Kiss, As I Went Down By Fiddichside, The Ashplant, The Ballinamore, Beare Island, The Beauty Spot, The Black Velvet Band, Blackjack Grove, Bog An Lochan, The Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie, Bowe’s Favourite, The Boyne Hunt, The Boys Of Bluehill, Brian Boru’s March, Cape Clear, Chùir I Glùin Air A’ Bhodaich, Colonel Fraser, The Concertina, The Congress, Corney Is Coming, Crowley’s, The Cuckoo, The Dance Of The Honeybees, Delvinside, Dever The Dancer, Dinny O’Brien’s, Drunken Sailor, The Dublin, The Earl’s Chair, Enlist For A Sailor, Farewell To Spain, Father Kelly’s, Finlay’s Delight, The Flax In Bloom, Fleur De Mandragore, The Flowers Of Edinburgh, The Flowers Of Red Hill, Fred Finn’s, The Galtee Rangers, The Gander In The Pratie Hole, Gneevgullia, The Gravel Walks, The Green Fields Of America, The Grumbling Old Man And Woman, The Hag At The Spinning Wheel, The Haggis, The Hielan’man, The Humours Of Carrigaholt, The Hunter’s Purse, I’ll Tell Me Ma, I’m Waiting For You, The Irish Washerwoman, The Ivy Leaf, Jackie Coleman’s, Julia Delaney’s, Jump At The Sun, Kay Girroir, Keep It Up, The Killavil, King Of The Fairies, The Kitchen Girl, The Ladies Pantalettes, Last Night’s Joy, Launching The Boat, Leather Away The Wattle-O, The Leitrim Fancy, Lexie MacAskill, The Long Drop, Maggie In The Woods, The Maid Of Mount Kisco, Malcolm Finlay, March Of The Meeatoiteen Bull, Mary McMahon, Master Crowley’s, Master McDermott’s, McFadden’s Own, The Men They Stand And Stay, Merrily Kissed The Quaker, The Merry Blacksmith, Miss Hutchinson, Miss McLeod’s, The Monaghan, Monymusk, Monymusk, Music In The Glen, Never Was Piping So Gay, The New Mown Meadows, Newfoundland Spring, O’Keeffe’s, Old Grey Cat, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy O’Brien’s, The Plane Tree, The Raggle Taggle Gypsies, The Rakes Of Mallow, The Rambling Pitchfork, The Repeal Of The Union, The Rights Of Man, The Ships Are Sailing, The Silver Spire, Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’, Soldier’s Joy, Spatter The Dew, Sporting Nell, The Star Of Munster, The Star Of Munster, The Star Of The County Down, The Steampacket, Stirling Castle, The Stoney Steps, The Swallowtail, Tam Lin, The Tarbolton, The Teelin, Tom Ward’s Downfall, Tommy Peoples’, Toss The Feathers, The Traveller, The Trip To Durrow, The Trip To Windsor, The Trumpet, Whelan’s, The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim, The Wild Rover, Yankee Cabbage.

  1. …So Magic by Enrico Euron
  2. "And With That…." by Fitzsimons Traditional Irish Music
  3. "The Fiddler’s Delight" Rare 78rpm Irish Fiddle Recordings 1921 - 1945 by Various Artists
  4. 18 Months Later by Angus Lyon And Ruaridh Campbell
  5. 2019 – A Breeze Odyssey by Harmundi
  6. 7:11 by Brolum
  7. A Celtic Feast from County Door by Bubble & Squeak
  8. A Friend Indeed by Liz Carroll
  9. A Rake of Tunes by Randal Bays
  10. A Taste Of Ireland by Various Artists
  11. Alana & Leigh Cline by Alana & Leigh Cline
  12. All Ages by Green Tea
  13. Apples in Winter by David Power and Willie Kelly
  14. Ar Lorg na Laochra by Laoise Kelly agus Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn
  15. Áthas by áthas
  16. Banish Misfortune by Malcolm Dalglish And Grey Larsen
  17. Barghest Sampler by Barghest
  18. Battle Songs Of The Toucan Pirates by Toucan Pirates
  19. Beara ‘tina 2 by Sean O’Dwyer
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  22. Black Mountain Harmonica by Tony Eyers
  23. Bosca Bideach by Micheal Darby O Fatharta
  24. Both Ears And The Tail by Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick
  25. Callanish by Callanish
  26. Ceilidh by Bun’ Ber E
  27. Celtic and Bluegrass 5 String Banjo by Dave Hum
  28. Celtic Circles by Bonnie Rideout
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  31. Champions Of Ireland: Flute by Grainne Kelly And Ciaran Marsden
  32. Champions Of Ireland: Harp by Lynn Saoirse
  33. Champions Of Ireland: Mandolin by Marina Meyler
  34. Champions Of Ireland: Tin Whistle by Ciarán Marsden And Gráinne Kelly
  35. Chrissy Crowley by Chrissy Crowley
  36. Claddagh Ring by The Tulla Ceili Band
  37. Dance Album by The Bushwhackers Band
  38. Dancing with the Celts by Ardan
  39. Dear Old Erin’s Isle: Irish Traditional Music From America by Various Artists
  40. Diamonds by Rapalje
  41. Different Game by Lissa Schneckenburger
  42. Draíocht by Dave Flynn
  43. Dreams & Fears by The Tabs
  44. Drink The Night Away by Blackbeers
  45. Dusty Windowsill by Coquitlam Celtic Ensemble
  46. Farewell To Fine Weather by Joe And Antoinette McKenna
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  49. Fibb’nacci Sequence by Knot Fibb’n
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  52. Fishguard Folk - On a Sunday by Various Artists
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  56. Frigate by Frigate
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  63. Heathery Breeze by Matt Molloy
  64. Herding Cats by Gaelic Storm
  65. Highland Soul by Zan McLeod
  66. Hill 16 by Hill 16
  67. Hit The Bricks… by Waking Maggie
  68. Home from Home by Pat Kane & Ian Keane and Erica Keane
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  82. Jigs and Reels by Knacker’s Yard
  83. Just Me And A Fiddle by Wayne Cantwell
  84. Katy Bar The Door by Randal Bays
  85. Keltish by Keltish
  86. La Harpe Irlandaise - The Irish Harp by Katrien Delavier
  87. Live at the West London Folk Club by Brendan McGlinchey
  88. Live In Batesville by Needfire
  89. Live In Concert by Brid Harper And Dermot Byrne
  90. Live in Concert by Mithril
  91. Live in New York 1977 by De Dannan
  92. Lively Steps by Jerry Holland
  93. Look’n Through the Porthole by Kitchen Jam Band
  94. Mapless Journey by Kathy Buys
  95. Micho Russell by Micho Russell
  96. Milltown Lass by Rose Murphy
  97. Misneach by Misneach
  98. Music from Ireland & Scotland by Pied Pipers
  99. Music of the Irish Celts by Dicky Deegan
  100. Navvy On The Shore by Danny Meehan
  101. Oirialla by Gerry O’Connor, Gilles le Bigot, Nuala Kennedy and Martin Quinn
  102. Old Hag You Have Killed Me by Basking Shark
  103. Olde Day Again by Blarney Pilgrims
  104. On A Different Note by Michael Flatley
  105. Once Again (1987-1993) by Altan
  106. Over The Sea To Skye: The Celtic Connection by James Galway And The Chieftains
  107. P.J. Hernon by P.J. Hernon
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  110. Piper’s Dance by Ballycastle
  111. Rann na Feirste - Ceol agus Amhráin by Various Artists
  112. Reel Irish by Kasír
  113. Reelgrass by The Huckleberries
  114. Riding Towards Life by Evergreen
  115. Saint Bushmill’s Choir by Saint Bushmill’s Choir
  116. Sarabande by Sarabande
  117. Scraping ‘n’ Scratching by Bernie Stocks
  118. Shake Your Shamrocks by Various Artists
  119. Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow Vols 1 & 2 by Steven Hawson
  120. She Left With The Piper by The General Guinness Band
  121. Slow And Easy by John Weed And Stuart Mason
  122. Slowplay Jigs, Reels And Hornpipes by Jeffrey Hillgrove
  123. Sneeze by Heyfeva
  124. Something… by Threepenny Bit
  125. Sonnensaiten by Heiter Bis Folkig
  126. Sounds From The Atlantic by Inisheer
  127. Southwind by Glenn Morgan
  128. Special Reserve by Gaelic Storm
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  130. Street Life by Patrick Street
  131. Suburban Ethnia by Chanter
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