Three recordings of
Drowsy Maggie
The Foxhunters

Drowsy Maggie (reel) is also known as Drowsey Maggie, Drowsie Maggie, Drowsy Maggy, Maggie Tuirseach, Maggie’s Drowsy.

The Foxhunters (reel) is also known as Fiagaí An Mhadra Rua, The Fox Chase, The Fox Hunter, The Fox Hunter’s, The Fox Hunters, The Fox-Chase, The Foxhunter, The Foxhunter’s, The Foxhunters’, Patrick Kelly’s, Sealgaire An TSionnaigh.

Claddagh Ring by The Tulla Ceili Band

  1. The Pigeon On The Gate
  2. The Fox Hunter
  3. Drowsy Maggie

Gaelic Roots by Various Artists

  1. Drowsey Maggie
  2. Dublin
  3. Farewell To Erin
  4. The Foxhunter
  5. The Congress

Irish Traditional Music by The Flanaghans

  1. The Maid Behind The Bar
  2. The Sally Gardens
  3. Drowsy Maggie
  4. The Foxhunter’s