Three recordings of
Drowsy Maggie
The Little Beggarman

Drowsy Maggie (reel) is also known as Drowsey Maggie, Drowsie Maggie, Drowsy Maggy, Maggie Tuirseach, Maggie’s Drowsy.

The Little Beggarman (reel) is also known as An Carrowath, An Giolla Ruadh, The Auld Rigadoo, The Beggar Man, The Beggarman, Danny Pearl’s Favourite, Gilderoy, Guilderoy, Injun Ate A Woodchuck, The Jolly Beggar, The Jolly Beggerman, The Journeyman, The Little Beggar Man, The Little Beggerman, The Old Rigadoo, The Old Soldier With The Wooden Leg, The Red Haired Boy, The Red Haired Lad, The Red Headed Irishman, The Red-Haired Boy, The Redhaired Boy, The Rigadoo, Thy Redhaired Lad.

Dancing with the Celts by Ardan

  1. The Little Beggarman
  2. Drowsy Maggie

Keltish by Keltish

  1. Red Haired Boy
  2. Drowsy Maggie

Live in Concert by Mithril

  1. Little Beggarman
  2. Drowsie Maggie
  3. Cooley’s