Two recordings of
Drowsy Maggie
Jenny’s Chickens

Drowsy Maggie (reel) is also known as Drowsey Maggie, Drowsie Maggie, Drowsy Maggy, Maggie Tuirseach, Maggie’s Drowsy.

Jenny’s Chickens (reel) is also known as Jennie’s Chickens, Jenny’s Chicken, Jenny’s Chicken’s, Le Reel Des Soucoupes Volantes, Sicíní Ṡinéidín.

Alana & Leigh Cline by Alana & Leigh Cline

  1. Drowsy Maggie
  2. Drowsy Maggie
  3. Glass Of Beer
  4. Sleepy Maggie
  5. Sleepy Maggie
  6. Jenny’s Chickens

Music from Ireland & Scotland by Pied Pipers

  1. Molly Brannigan
  2. Jennie’s Chickens
  3. Drowsy Maggy