The Killarney Wonder strathspey

Also known as Farrel O’Gara, Farrel O’Gara’s, The Killarney Wonder Highland Fling, The Killarney Wonder Schottische.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Killarney Wonder
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|E<AAc (3BcB af|e<cdB c<AFA|E<AAc (3BcB (3agf|e<cdB c<AA2|
E<AAc (3BcB (3agf|(3efe (3dcB c<AFA|E<AAc (3BcB af|e<cdB c<AA2|
g<afa e<ace|d<BcA B<AFA|g<afa e<ac'a|b<abc' a2ab|
c'<af<a e<ac<e|d<BcA B<AFA|E<AAc (3BcB af|e<cdB c<AA2|
X: 2
T: The Killarney Wonder
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3GFE|D2 G>B A2 g>e|d2 (3cBA B<GE>G|D>G (3GGB (3ABA (3gfe|1 d>Bc<A B>G:|2 d>Bc<A B<G G2||
g2 e>g d2 B>d|(3cBA (3BAG A>GE<G|d>ge<g d<g (3bag|a2 a>b g2 g>a|
b>g (3efg d>g (3Bcd|c2 B>G A<G E2|D>GG>B A2 g>e|d>B (3cBA G2||

Thirteen comments

Killarney Wonder

This is a good one for postions it’s not too tricky, but you can get your feet wet. On the fiddle I slide up into second position halfway through the 3rd bar n the second part (on the eac’a bit) using fingers (numbers are fingers the letters are the notes) 0e 1a 3c’ 1a etc. Then go back to first position on that f in the 5th bar. 3c’ 1a 1f 3a. I’ve heard this tune for years played by Coleman but became inspired to actually learn it when I heard Jesse Smith play it.
BTW This tune was labelled as a Scottische on the Coleman liner notes, but I think of it as more of a fling or a strathspey with those Scotch snaps.

Whoah,m this is a single tune, Jeremy put in extra repeats.


Sorry Brad, but you had a repeat at the end of the first part when you submitted the tune so I assumed it was supposed to repeat both parts.

Played as a Reel

If memory serves me right, this has been recorded as a reel on the marvellous Daly/ Creagh LP. Can’t recall the title.

Macroom Lasses

Desi Wilkinson used to play this as "The Macroom Lasses", and that’s also the title on the Daly/Creagh recording. Kevin Burke’s "Open House" had a great version with clarinet on their 1st CD. Seems this can be - and has been recorded as - either a reel, hornpipe, strathspey, schottische or barn dance. A versatile tune indeed.

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An old one

This tune appears several times under different names in Ryan’s Mammoth Collection.

"The Killarney Wonder" = 16 bars

Just to emphasis what has already been said above. This tune is given in full in this transcription and does not repeat as shown. The A-part is 4-bars in length, repeated to make 8-bars, as given. The B-part is 4-bars as well and repeated with a second ending to make 8bars, also as written out in full here. The tune is 16 bars in total, not 32…

"Kevin Burke: Sweeney’s Dream" ~ Track 16: "The Kilarney Wonder Schottisches"

Submitted on August 1st 2002 by kardshark87.

Strathspey / Highland Schottische / Highland Fling:

1st tune: "The Killarney Wonder" ~ this transcription
(Not "Gurren Castle")

2nd tune: "The Finnea Lasses"
Key signature: A Dorian
Submitted on October 11th 2002 by lazyhound. ( = Trevor Jennings)

Here is "Gurren Castle"
"Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth" / "Calum Crùbach" / "Gurren Castle"
(Strathspey / Highland Schottische / Highland Fling)
Key signature: A Mixolydian
Submitted on March 31st 2003 by gian marco.

"The Macroom Lasses" / "The Macroom Reel" ~ the reel version

Also known as "Hilary’s Choice", "Macroom Lasses", "Macroom Lassies", "The Macroom Lassies".
Key signature: A Major
Submitted on October 14th 2002 by spoon.

You can play the above as given, 16 measures, or double it for 32…