One recording of
Brian Boru’s March
O’Neill’s March

Brian Boru’s March (jig) is also known as Brian Barou’s March, Brian Bohru’s March, Brian Boru March, Brian Boru’s, Tullinahaw.

O’Neill’s March (polka) is also known as Dearg Doom, Máirseáil Ui Neill, Marcshlua Ui Neill, Marcṡlua Uí Néill, O’ Neill’s, O’Neil’s, O’Neill’s Cavalcade, O’Neill’s Cavalry.

Year Of The Dog by Culann's Hounds

  1. Monaghan Twig
  2. O’Neill’s March
  3. Follow Me Up To Carlow
  4. Brian Boru’s March
  5. Morrison’s