One recording of
Brian Boru’s March
Irish Lamentation

Brian Boru’s March (jig) is also known as Brian Barou’s March, Brian Bohru’s March, Brian Boru March, Brian Boru’s, Tullinahaw.

Irish Lamentation (waltz) is also known as An Graduigteoir Treigte, Caoine Luimnighe, Caoineadh Luimnigh, Cha Till Mor Mo Bhean, Clothier’s March, The Clothiers’ March, Farewell To Lochaber, The Forlorn Lover, The Irish Lamentation, Irish Lamentations, King James’ March To Ireland, King James’ March To Limerick, The Lament For Limerick, Limerick Lamentation, Limerick Lamentations, Limerick’s Lamentation, Lochaber, Lochaber No More, Marbha Luimní, Marbhna Luimni, Marbhna Luimnigh.

Fiona by Patrick Ball

  1. Limerick’s Lamentation
  2. Brian Boru’s March