Weep Not For What You Lost reel

Also known as Weep Not For What You’ve Lost.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Weep Not For What You Lost
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DG~G2 AGFG|AcEc ABGE|DG~G2 A^cde|fdd=c AGBd|
~g3a gfdc|Afdc AGBd|~g3d (3efg ag|fdd^c defa|
g2gf gfd=c|Afdc AGGF|DG~G2 A^cde|fdd=c AGGF|

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Written by me.

This tune is dedicated to the lovely Tish from Sydney, Australia πŸ˜‰

Ha ha ha ha ha, awwww, gee, shucks (blush). That was quick work, Dow - spose I better learn to play it now 8>)

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I take it that this is how you offer a bit of heartfelt compassion to a friend in need from your sick bed? I think that’s grand…and you made them blush… Now get your ass out of bed and let some others feel the flush of your flu…

No ‘c’ it has nothing to do with that! I posted this tune months ago. My dedication to Tish, by the way, was because of this thread: https://thesession.org/discussions/4801.

The title came from an old proverb I heard in a song when I was in Okinawa. The words for the song had been taken from a traditional scripture. Just before I left the islands, a friend gave me a copy of the whole text and told me it was something I should read because its philsophy was relevant to me. On particular line stuck in my mind. It went something like this:

Ati n yurukubu na,
Ushinati n naku na.

which in English means:

Be not joyful for what you have,
Weep not for what you lost.

Months later, I’m still trying to get my head round what it means!

… and that was my next question, Dow! Thank you for the background. I think I can see what it might mean.

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Well if it’s talking about material possessions then I agree with it, because in the end you’re alive and that’s all that matters. I suppose that’s what it’s about. But I don’t think it can include non-material possessions, because if I lost something like a finger then I’d be upset to say the least.

What it said to me was: no matter how much you love something/someone or no matter how fulfilled you are by an activity/mental pursuit/way of life, keep that little bit of interior separation from it so that you aren’t broken when the inevitable happens and it is no longer part of your life. Don’t ever invest all your emotional energy in "non-interior" things.

Of course, whether you think that’s a good life discipline is another thing, but that was how I would interpret the proverb.

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Wow. Now that makes complete sense! I can see now why this person wanted me to read it. Thanks Tish - I’m glad I mentioned it.

Funny coincidence all round, really.

I kinda did what I think the proverb is telling you not to, once, years ago, and the after-effects lasted a long time. That’s why the proverb struck me that way. But that’s just my take on it. So maybe your kind dedication to petite moi is rather apt after all. I’m overcome now. (sniffle) (reaches for kleenex)

πŸ˜€ Better learned to play the b- thing at lunchtime so I can actually comment on the *tune*!

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Picture me looking awkward and not knowing what to say πŸ™‚

That is indeed a picture πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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Thanks for meandering philosophically… 😏 Now where did I last leave my car keys?