Two recordings of

Rickett’s (hornpipe) is also known as The Aldridge, Bottom Of The Punch Bowl, The Manchester, Pibddawns Aldridge, Pibddawns Wrecsam, Ricket’s, Rickets, Ricketts, The Sailor’s, The Spanish, The Wrexham, Y Bibddawns Sbaenig, The Yarmouth.

Fisher’s (hornpipe) is also known as Ballymanus Fair, The Blacksmith’s, Engelsk Långdans Nr.1, Fischers, The Fisher, The Fisher’s, The Fisherman’s Lilt, The Fisherman’s, Fishermens, Fishers, The Thresher, Y Dynwr, Y Dyrnwr.

Just Me And A Fiddle by Wayne Cantwell

  1. Rickets
  2. Fisher’s

Look'n Through the Porthole by Kitchen Jam Band

  1. Rickett’s
  2. Durang’s
  3. Fisher’s