Two recordings of
The Castle
Richard Brennan’s

The Castle (jig) is also known as Gallagher’s, The Lonely, Martin’s, Sean Ryan’s.

Richard Brennan’s (jig) is also known as Bad Luck To This Marching, Brennan’s, Brennan’s Favourite, Coleman’s Two Halves, The Exile’s Lament, Morrison’s #2, Paddy O’Carroll’s, Richard Brennan’s Favourite, Shaun Maguires, Tierney’s Fancy.

In the Tap Room by John McCormick and Mary Vanorny

  1. Richard Brennan’s
  2. The Castle
  3. The Handsome Young Maidens

The Barley Grain by Larry Kinsella

  1. Brennan’s
  2. The Castle
  3. A Visit To Ireland