Two recordings of
The Gooseberry Bush
Dinny O’Brien’s

Dinny O’Brien’s (reel) is also known as Denny O’Brien’s, Dinny O’Brien, Dinny O’Briens, Last House In Connacht, The Last House In Connacht, Last House In Connaught, The Last House In Connaught, Last House Of Connacht, The Last House Of Connacht, Last House Of Connaught, The Last House Of Connaught.

In Full Spate by Paddy Glackin

  1. The Last House In Connacht
  2. The Gooseberry Bush

On Yer Toes! by The Jig Is Up!

  1. Dinny O’Brien’s
  2. The Gooseberry Bush
  3. The Bird In The Bush