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this tune was composed by a bunch of friends to celebrate (?) the end of a weekly session that had been going on for years in the early 90’s. Untill this day, there is still no regular session in this town but we’re working on it to get things going again. And this tune will be the closing tune …

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B part first measure???

Suddenly goees intoa jig rthymn and since I’ve never heard the tune can’t make out what to do with it? Point is, it jumps from 4/4 to 6/8 for the first measure of the B part. Any help?? i.e.,
aAA gAA aA
perhaps first two groupings are triplets? The into quarter notes?

Correct first B-part measure

sorry if this notation is somewhat misleading, but that’s the way it should be played, not as 6/8 but as accents on the first, fourth, seventh, … note. try it by clapping (inside a 4/4 time):

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