The Pullet That Wants The Cock jig

Also known as Bolen’s Fancy, Boy In His Pants, The Boy In His Pants, The Pullet Wants A Cock, Westmeath, The Westmeath.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Pullet That Wants The Cock
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:E/F/G|A3 B3|cBc E2D|E>FG E>FG|E/F/GA G>ED|
E2A A2B|c>Bc E2d|^c2A B>AG|1 F2D D:|2 F2D D2||
|:g|f>ed d2g|f>ed d2g|f>ed e2d|^c>AA A2g|
f>ga e>fg|f/g/fe d>^cA|G>AG E>FG|1 F2D D2:|2 F2D D3||

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The Pullet That Wants The Cock

I came across this quirky, addictive jig on C

Joe Keegan`s jig

Sean McGuire and Roger Sherlock recorded this about 1970.They got it from Josie Keegan who played on that recording, who got it from her father.Sean thought of the rude name-Probably…
Leo Ginley told me he had a version of it called `The boy in his britches`.

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Thanks Cos

Josephine emailed me a while back to say that she’s compiling a book of her lifetime’s favourite tunes (trad, her own and some by other composers that she’s met along the way). Maybe this will appear … and maybe under a title that gives less cause for behind-the-bikesheds sniggering …

Josie is a great musician!

I knew her years ago and would give my right arm to be able to play the fiddle like that woman! I look forward to her book.

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This ‘other way’ is also D Mixolydian rather than D Major as cut and pasted above…

The Pullet that wants the Cock

This tune is also the title track on James Murray’s CD, The Powellsborough Lassies. James was told by John Feeley, whom he got a lot of music from, that ‘The Pullet that wants the Cock’ is an alternative title to this jig and that it’s an old Sligo tune.