Three recordings of
The Caucus
Down The Broom

The Caucus (reel) is also known as The Cacus, The Caucus At Secaucus, The Caucus In Secaucus.

Down The Broom (reel) is also known as The Broomstick, Down The Brooms, Down Through The Broom, Follow Me Down To Galway, P. Flanagan’s, Peter Flanagan’s.

It Was Great Altogether ! : CD#3 by Various Artists

  1. P. Flanagan’s
  2. The Caucus

The Spectacle Bridge by Michael Hynes And Dennis Liddy

  1. McHugh’s
  2. The Caucus
  3. Peter Flanagan’s

Upon My Soul by James Carty

  1. The Caucus
  2. Peter Flanagan’s