Mulqueeney’s hornpipe

By Brigid McGrath

Also known as The Humours Of Kilfenora, Mulqeeney’s, Mulqueeney’s, Mulqueeny’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mulqueeney's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3GBd g2 fedf|eAce d2 gf|e2 ce dGBd|cBAG F2 D2|
(3GBd g2 fedf|eAce d2 gf|e2 ce dGBd|cAFA G4:|
|:(3GBd g2 (3GBd g2|(3GBd gB eB d2|(3FAd f2 (3FAd f2|(3FAd fe (3ded (3cBA|
(3GBd g2 (3GBd g2|(3GBd gB eBdg|f2 ed eA^ce|1 dgfe (3ded (3cBA:|2 dgfe defg||
|:a2 ba afab|afab a2 fe|defg adfa|bfge defg|
a2 ba afab|afab a2 fe|de (3fed (3Bcd AF|1 G2 Bd defg:|2 G2Bd (3gfe (3dBA||
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Mulqueeney’s Hornpipe

From “Molloy, Peoples & Brady”. Best of luck !

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A great hornpipe Kenny which is very popular in the Kilfenora area of County Clare - in fact it was named after fiddle player, Jim Mulqueeney, a founder member of the Kilfenora C

Mulqueeney’s Hornpipe

It’s on the Tommy Peoples album with all the reverb alright. Tommy is almost always superb but what was the producer thinking when all the reverb was added not to mention the bodhran that sounds like the top of a garbage can is being whacked and the occasional guitar player that should have been whacked with the garbage can lid.

I know (and love) this tune as the Humours of Kilfenora, actually - probably from its popularity in Kilfenora itself as Bannerman said. I play it in a set with the Independent Hornpipe.

Re: Mulqueeney’s

Composed by Brigid McGrath, a North Clare concertinaplayer according to Claire Keville. Might explain why it sits so well on the concertina.

Re: Mulqueeney’s

As musician-broadcaster Claire Keville has commented above , this wonderful hornpipe was indeed composed ( among many other pieces) by Mrs Brigid Lynch nee McGrath from near Kilfenora, Co Clare ( and Grand Aunt to John (leader of the KIlfenora Band) and singer Jerry Lynch . She was a exceptional concertina player..and though she would have played with her Lynch and McMahon family members at house dances she rarely played outside the home and was never recorded. She gave this composition to her musician cousin Jim Mulqueeney who popularised it among his cousins in the KIlfenora band of the period and where it was titled MUlqueeney’s Hornpipe ‘ or The Humours of Kilfenora’ . I wrote a small account of Brigid McGrath in my book ‘Notes From The Heart’ ( Poolbeg ’94) .pjc