Seven recordings of a tune named
The Bride’s A Bonny Wee Thing

Also known as The Bride’s A Bonny Thing, The Bride’s March, Da Bride’s A Boanie Ting, Da Bride’s A Boannie Ting, Da Bride’s A Bonnie Ting, Da Brides A Boanie Ting.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Bridal March From Unst (a few times), Gillie Callum, The Keelman’s Petition, Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’.

  1. Boys Of The Lough by Boys Of The Lough
  2. Fin Da Laand Ageen by Kevin Henderson
  3. Flittin by Dave Swarbrick
  4. Ringing Strings : Fiddle Music Of Norway And Shetland by Hauk Buen, Knut Buen, Tom Anderson, Vidar Lande
  5. Strange But True by Kathryn Tickell
  6. The Silver Bow: The Fiddle Music of Shetland by Tom Anderson & Aly Bain
  7. Tracks North (Music From Shetland) CD 1 Traditional Imprints by Various Artists