One recording of
The Bride’s A Bonny Wee Thing
Gillie Callum

The Bride’s A Bonny Wee Thing (jig) is also known as The Bride’s A Bonny Thing, The Bride’s March, Da Bride’s A Boanie Ting, Da Bride’s A Boannie Ting, Da Bride’s A Bonnie Ting, Da Brides A Boanie Ting.

Gillie Callum (strathspey) is also known as Ghillie Callum, Ghillie Challum, Gille Calium, Gille Callum, Gille Callum Da Pheighinn, Gille Calum, Gillie Callam, Gillie Callam Da Pheithein, Keelum Kallum, Keelum Kallum Taa Fein, The Lad Malcolm, Lasses Gar Your Tails Todle, Sword Dance, The Sword Dance, Tail Toddle, Tail Todle.

Flittin by Dave Swarbrick

  1. The Bride’s March
  2. The Keelman’s Pertition
  3. Shew Me The Way To Wallingford
  4. Sword Dance