Four recordings of
Johnny I Do Miss You
The Cobbler’s

Johnny I Do Miss You (polka) is also known as Aidan Coffey’s, All Along The River Bank, Fr. Jones, Gleann An Tuairín Ghairbh, Johnnie I Do Miss You, Johnnie, I Do Miss You, Johnnie, I Do Miss You!, Johnny I Do Love You, Johnny I Do Miss You!, Tureengarbh Glen, Tureengarriffe Glen, Tureengarriv Glen, What Thadgh Said To Biddy.

The Cobbler’s (polka) is also known as The Cobbler’s, The Cobbler, High Point, O’Keeffe’s, Padraig O’Keefe’s, Padraig O’Keeffe’s.

Campbelltown by Campbelltown

  1. The Cobbler
  2. Johnny, I Do Miss You
  3. Jimmy Doyle’s
  4. The Tolka

Mi.da:za by North Cregg

  1. The Tuar Mor
  2. The Cobbler
  3. Aidan Coffey’s
  4. The Race Classic

The Mist Covered Mountain by De Danann

  1. Johnny O’Leary’s
  2. O’Keefe’s
  3. Johnny I Do Miss You

Won't You Stay for Tea? by Alex Boatright & Shannon Dunne

  1. Johnny O’Leary’s
  2. Pat Enright’s
  3. As I Went Out Upon The Ice
  4. Dan Sweeney’s
  5. Johnny I Do Miss You