The Seven Sisters reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Seven Sisters
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: ~D2FD ADFA | ~d2cd BAFD | ~E3F ~G3A | B/c/ded cABc |
df~f2 dfec | dcAF ~G3A | B/c/deg fdec |1 dfec dBAF :|2 dfec defg ||
|: ~a2^ga fdcd | Adfa bafa | gafg efde | cA^GA BA=GA |
FAdf gece | da^ga ba=ga | fAdf gece |1 ~e2dc defg :|2 ~e2dc dBAF ||

Four comments

The Seven Sisters

There’s 7 small hills you encounter on the road from Boyle out to Gurteen. You’ll find them just after you pass under the railroad bridge. They’re fun because it’s like driving on a little roller coaster. I wrote this tune that reminded me of the roads in the area after returning from Sligo and I called it, "Trip to Gurteen". When I went back to Gurteen a couple of years later I played it for some folks at the session there and Mae Hernon, (PJ Hernon’s wife,) said it reminded her of the "Seven Sisters". I asked what that was and she said, "It’s the seven wee hills you go over on the way to Boyle." So my tune had a new name I liked better, "The Seven Sisters".

The Seven Sisters

I like it

The Seven Sisters

So do I. Especially that bit in the B-part that goes G#…Gnat…F#

If you slow it down it has a lyrical hornpipe quality to it.