Two recordings of
Bill Harte’s
The Frieze Breeches

Bill Harte’s (jig) is also known as Bill Hart’s, Bill Hart’s Favourite, Bill Harte’s Favourite, Hoffter Gwilym, Jim Beehan’s, Port Liam Uí Airt, The Rookery, Ryan’s, Sonny Brogan’s, Tom Hearte’s.

The Frieze Breeches (jig) is also known as Connla, Cunla, The Friar’s Breeches, The Friar’s Britches, Friars Britches, The Frieze Breetches, The Frieze Britches, Fry’s Britches, Gallagher’s, La San Sean, Ba Chraite An Mhaidin I’, The Old Frieze Britches.

10 Penny Bit by Les Violinik

  1. Bill Harte’s
  2. Cunla

Traditional Irish Music by Mick Foster

  1. The Moate At Rathconrath:
  2. Bill Harte’s
  3. The Frieze Breeches