The Jiggernaut jig

By Robert Mathieson

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Jiggernaut
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|AAA d2f|Adf afd|GGG B2d|GBd gdB|
AAA c2e|Ace geg|f2d e2c|d2B cBA|
d3 A2d|Adf afd|B3 G2B|GBd gdB|
c3 A2c|Ace geg|fdf gec|edc d3|
|:a2f d2f|Adf afd|g2d B2d|GBd gdB|
[1e2c A2c|Ace geg|a3g3|f3e3:|
[2e2c A2c|Ace geg|fdf gec|edc d3||
|:dfd A2d|Adf afd|BdB G2B|GBd gdB|
[1cec A2c|Ace geg|A3c3|e3a3:|
[2cec A2c|Ace geg|fdf gec|edc d3||

Nine comments

The Jiggernaut

Written by Neil Dickie,composer of “The Clumsy Lover”.


It was not, jocklet. It was composed by Pipe Major Robert Mathieson.

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The Clumsy Lover

I just copied this from a website,and took a look my copy of “On The Rise” by The Battlefield Band,and the tune is credited to Neil Dickie. Clumsy Lover - Dickie, N.
2. Battlefield Band. On the Rise, Temple CTP 021, Cas (198?), cut#B.01a Chaisson, J. J.. Fiddlers of Eastern Prince Edward Island, Rounder 7015, CD (1997), cut#12b

The Jiggernaut

More proof,copied from another website. Home: Piping Products:
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First Book - by Neil Dickie



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What proof?

I first learned this tune from Radio Scotland’s piping programme around 1983 after hearing it included in a medley for the World Pipe Band Championship, played by the Polkemmet Pipe Band. [Pipe major at that time - Robert Mathieson]. I discussed “The Jiggernaut” with Robert Mathieson himself on the Plymouth-Roscoff ferry on the way to the 1984 Lorient Celtic Festival, soon after recording it on an LP recorded, coincidentally, in Robin Morton’ s studio.
You don’t actually have Neil Dickie’s book, so you don’t know whether or not it says “Composed N.Dickie” at the top of the page or not. Please let me know if you find out.
I was given a copy of “The Jiggernaut” from Robert Mathieson’s book of compositions, and it most definitely does state composed by “R.Mathieson”.
As far as the use of the internet is concerned, jocklet, try typing in “jiggernaut” and “mathieson” . I did, and within less than 2 minutes came up with the following : - a large list of tunes where “Jiggernaut” is attributed to R.Mathieson.
It has also been recorded by the “Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums”, and a celtic band “Six Mile Bridge”, both crediting the tune to Robert Mathieson.
It also appears in a listing of tunes “BMW tunes page” - R.Mathieson.
There are undoubtedly many more, but I think that should be enough.
Finally, I have a recording of “The Deeside Ladies Pipe Band”, with “The Jiggernaut” by R.Mathieson. If you want to argue the toss with that particular band, you’re on your own, pal.

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The Jiggernaut

I’m not arguing the toss with anybody,and I don’t feel on my own,pal.I have two recordings of the tune,and on both albums it’s credited to Neil Dickie.I used to play in a Scottish band in the early 1980’s and we recorded the Clumsy Lover,and our piper knew Neil Dickie and got the tune straight from the horse’s mouth.As for the web,
All these sites cite Neil Dickie as the composer

The Rogues V.0 CD
… 17. 7 Minutes A ramblin’ assortment of music that is just fun! 18. The Clumsy
Lover Itchy Fingers - Arr. R. Mathieson The Clumsy Lover - N. Dickie. 19. … - 19k -

here’s a Quote from Neil Dickie himself,to be found at
“My plea to teachers is to teach what we were taught and to add the innovations of new music to a sound foundation of a traditional repertoire. My own students never play the new music. They could never appreciate the attraction of my type of music if they have never had the chance to understand the beauty of the music that influenced me. A hundred years from now, perhaps “Clumsy Lover” and “The Haunting” might still be played, and if they are, they will be right along side tunes which have already stood the test of time, like “Bonnie Ann”, “The Curlew”, “Teribus” and “Arniston Castle”.”

We never heard the original versions of these and our own interpretations grew in the playing. The Clumsy Lover was written by Canadian bagpiper Neil Dickie. It came to us by way of a Saint Patrick


Hold on, jocklet. I never mentioned “The Clumsy Lover”. I know it was composed by Neil Dickie, and never suggested otherwise. I was referring to the “Jiggernaut” , which I thought was the tune we were talking about. What I’m saying - and I do apologise if I didn’t make that clear - is that “The Jiggernaut” was composed by Robert Mathieson, and not by Neil Dickie as you said.

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The Jiggernaut

Sorry,crossed lines.

I should point out that Neil Dickies’ first book of tunes credits Robert Mathieson as the composer of The Jiggernaut