Better Off Without Him jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Better Off Without Him
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
^c|:dDD DEF|EDE CA,G,|A,DD DEG|AdB c2 d|
K: A Mix
c3 cBA|AFE EFE|DFA d3|dfd e2 d|
c3 cBA|AFE EFE|DFA ded|cAG A3:|

Seven comments

One of my tunes (spoken as if there are many, but really there are only 3) This was written to be played in a set with "The Cheatin’ Bastard" - you know, kind of a closure thing. Both tunes are collaborations with Shari McGuirl (who disapproves of the titles).

Kerri, Montreal

It’s really nice. Are you the legendary Kerri that Bridie speaks of?

I don’t know - Bridie who? Where? I didn’t think I was "legendary"… "notorious" perhaps… even "infamous"…

I thought I heard you’d come over to Sydney once or something, but I must be getting mixed up - sorry.

I was in Melbourne once - Sydney too, but I couldn’t find a session there. Went to the National folk fest in 2001. What a session!

The tunes you write are not only very appealing melody-wise, but are absolute honey to play on a guitar. "The Cheating Bastard" became one of my solo favourites, this one will probably join the group.

Hey, thanks Janek. I wrote the jigs with a guitar player - her main contribution to this one was the key change - I used to have something similar that stayed minor the whole time, but searai set me straight.