One recording of
Seanamhac Tube Station
The Humours Of Kiltyclogher

Seanamhac Tube Station (jig) is also known as John Carty’s, Pete Carberry’s, The Seanamhac Tube Station, Seanamhac Tubestation, Seanamhach Tube Station, The Seanamhach Tubestation.

The Humours Of Kiltyclogher (jig) is also known as Éilís Ni Cheallaigh, Elizabeth Kelly’s, The Humors Of Kilclogher, The Humors Of Kiltyclogher, The Humours Of Kilclogher, The Humours Of Kilclougher, The Humours Of Kill Clougher, The Humours Of Kiltyclogher.

Live in concert by Tony MacManus & Julia Toaspern

  1. The Humors Of Kiltyclogher
  2. The Kilfenora
  3. Seanamhac Tube Station