Da Tushkar reel

By Ronald Cooper

Also known as Da Tushker, Do Tushkar.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Da Tushkar
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cB|:Aafa edcB|A2 cA EAcA|cefg afec|d2B2B2 ag|
fgaf edcB|A2 cA EAcA|Bcde fefg|1 a2A2 A2 cB:|2 a2A2 A2 dc||
|:BeGe BGEG|AecA EAcA|cefg afec|
[1d2B2B2 dc|BeGe BGEG|AecA EAcA|Bcde fefg|a2A2A2 dc:|
[2d2B2B2 ag|fgaf edcB|A2 cA EAcA|Bcde fefg|a2A2A2 cB||

Three comments

Da Tushkar

Someone requested this.It was written by Ronnie Cooper,and a tushkar is a tool used to cut peat in the Shetland Islands.

This is a great tune!

I remember dancing to it with Sandy Silva at the VOM camp. I never learned to play it well though, because I dance instead. Thanks, I can’t wait to re-learn to play the tune!

Great tune. I especially like it on the mandolin. Dick Gaughan did a mandolin version on his "No more forever" album preceded by "The teatotaller" on guitar. That was one of my inspirations for learning mandolin, actually. A nice change from listening to the fiddle, though I play that as well now. Probably just as much.