One recording of
The Auld Pipe
The Galtee Rangers

The Auld Pipe (reel) is also known as Donald MacLeod, Donald MacLeod’s, Donald McDonald’s, Donald McLeod, Donald McLeod’s, The Traditional.

The Galtee Rangers (reel) is also known as Callaghan’s, Callahan’s, Fiannóglaigh Na NGealtaí, Galtee Mountain Ranger, Galtee Mountains, The Galtee Mountains, Galtee Ranger, The Galtee Ranger, The Humours Of Galteemore, The Humours Of Galtymore, Sherlock’s Favourite.

A Day At The Lake by Ben Miller & Anita MacDoanld

  1. O’er The Moor, Among The Heather
  2. Paulette Bissonette
  3. The Galtee Mountains
  4. The Doryman Lobster Boil
  5. Traditional
  6. Lolo’s